Shear Fanatic®️ Pro Series 5 Tooth 5.5" Texturizing Shears


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Introducing the Shear Fanatic™️ Pro Series 5 Tooth 5.5 Texturizing Shears, the ultimate tool for all your texturizing needs. Manufactured by the renowned Shear Fanatic™️ Scissor brand, these shears provide unparalleled precision and performance. Designed specifically for the Texturizing category, these shears are perfect for stylists looking to create texture, volume, and movement in hair. With five sharp teeth and a 5.5 size, these shears effortlessly slice through hair, leaving behind perfectly blended and textured results. Whether you're a professional hairdresser or a barber enthusiast, these Chunking Shears are a must-have addition to your styling arsenal.
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