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Different Types of Hair Cutting Scissors

Posted by Scott Shear Fanatic on 27th Dec 2020

Scissor TypesUse & BenefitsShort Blade Hair ScissorsPopular for most hairdressing techniques and precision haircutting.Long Blade Hair ScissorsPopular for most barbering techniques including scissor over comb.Texturizing Thinning Scissors The most common thinning shears that usually includes 30 to 4 …

Professional Cosmetology Shears

Posted by Scott Shear Fanatic on 24th Sep 2020

Held training class at Aveda Institute Maine for 29 new cosmetology students discussing the importance of maintaining you professional hair cutting scissors. Topics included fitting your professional shear sets, proper oiling, how to adjust the tension correctly and testing for sharpness.& …

Scissor Steel 440A 440C Hitachi VG10 ATS 314

Posted by Scott Wilson on 21st Apr 2020

All hair scissors are made with stainless steel that is manufactured in either Japan, Korea, Germany, Taiwan, China, India or Pakistan. Hair scissors with steel from made in Japan is regarded as the best scissor steel in the world. Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese steels are good, but tend …