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Professional Cosmetology Shears

Posted by Scott Shear Fanatic on 24th Sep 2020

Held training class at Aveda Institute Maine for 29 new cosmetology students discussing the importance of maintaining yo
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Scissor Steel 440A 440C Hitachi VG10 ATS 314

Posted by Scott Wilson on 21st Apr 2020

All hair scissors are made with stainless steel that is manufactured in either Japan, Korea, Germany, Taiwan, China, India
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Amazing but yet I see this Everday Day...

4th Mar 2020

This really happened, just now..I stopped in a salon to introduce myself..Hi my name is Scott, I'm a professional sharpener
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Shear Cleaning and Maintenance

17th Feb 2020

A clean lubricated shear is a happy shear...Routine oiling and cleaning will allow your shear to operate and cut correctly, a
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Choose the correct shear

15th Feb 2020

Whenever buying a quality shear you ALWAYS want to make sure that they have the following features:That they are forged ....n
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Thinning and Blending Shears

1st Feb 2020

A shear which has narrow teeth and narrow spaces between the teeth is a blending shear and will remove weight in a way that
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