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We sharpen any brand of shears including, Shark Fin-Factory Approved, Washi, Scissor Mall, Hikari, Kamisori, Centrix, Cricket, Joewell, Sam Villa, Olivia Garden, Hanzo, Tara, Mizutani, and all others.


"Experience precision at its finest with our expert scissor sharpening service for cosmetology and barber hair scissors. We skillfully restore your scissors to a factory-sharp edge, ensuring unparalleled cutting performance. Explore the benefits of enhanced precision, prolonged tool life, and a seamless cutting experience. Trust us to bring your scissors back to their prime, delivering quality and excellence with every sharpening.

Elevate your cutting experience with our professional scissor sharpening service at just $45 per scissor. This comprehensive service not only restores your scissors to a factory-sharp edge but also includes the replacement of all worn and broken parts. Enjoy the convenience of return shipping, ensuring your tools reach you in optimal condition. Invest in precision and longevity with our meticulous scissor sharpening expertise.


  1. Factory-Sharp Edge: Restore your scissors to their original sharpness, ensuring precision and accuracy with every cut.

  2. Comprehensive Service: Our $45 per scissor package covers not only sharpening but also includes the replacement of all worn and broken parts.

  3. Expert Craftsmanship: Benefit from the skillful hands of our professionals who understand the nuances of scissor sharpening, guaranteeing top-notch results.

  4. Return Shipping Included: Enjoy the convenience of our service with hassle-free return shipping, ensuring your scissors reach you in prime condition.


  1. Extended Tool Life: Our sharpening service enhances the longevity of your scissors, protecting your investment for the long run.

  2. Optimal Cutting Performance: Experience a seamless cutting experience with scissors that are sharpened to perfection, allowing for precise and effortless hair styling.

  3. Cost-Effective Solution: At $45 per scissor, our service provides a cost-effective way to maintain and revitalize your professional tools.

  4. Reliable and Convenient: Trust in the reliability of our service, coupled with the convenience of included return shipping and replacement of worn parts. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Authorized Shark Fin™ Shear Sharpening: We are proud to be authorized to sharpen Shark Fin™ shears, recognized for their quality and precision in the industry. Look for the Shark Fin™ logo on your shears, and trust us to maintain their exceptional performance.

Extensive Service History: We've provided service to thousands of satisfied mail-in customers, including renowned brands such as Shark Fin™, Mizutani™, Kamasori™, Rocket Dog™, Sam Villa™, Washi™, Hikari™, Olivia Garden™, and many more. Join the ranks of professionals who trust us with their scissor sharpening needs.

Shipping Instructions:

Before sending your scissors for our expert sharpening service, follow these simple steps:

  1. Preparation: Individually wrap each scissor in a paper towel to prevent any damage during transit.

  2. Secure with a Rubber Band: Ensure the wrapped scissors are securely fastened with a rubber band to maintain their protective covering.

  3. Shipping Address: Ship your wrapped scissors to Shear Fanatic™ Scissor Company at: 10 Webb River Acres, Carthage, ME 04224

  4. Include Your Details: Don't forget to include your contact information and any specific instructions you may have for our sharpening service.

Trust us with your scissors, and we'll ensure they return to you in peak condition, ready to elevate your cutting experience."