Shear Fanatic®️ Craft Series Double Smoothie Swivel Texturizer-NO LINE Texturizing! Authentic Japanese 440C

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Introducing the Shear Fanatic™️ Craft Series Double Smoothie Swivel Texturizer - the perfect Texturizing Shears for hairstylists in the Swivel category! Manufactured by the renowned Shear Fanatic™️ Scissor brand, these Texturizing Shears are designed for precise and effortless hair cutting. Made from authentic Japanese 440C stainless steel, they provide exceptional durability and sharpness. The innovative swivel design allows for easy maneuverability, reducing strain on the wrist. With NO LINE Texturizing capability, these shears create seamless and natural texture. Choose from three attractive Scissor Colors - Rose Gold, Rainbow, or Black, and experience the comfort, style, and cutting-edge performance of Shear Fanatic™️ Craft Series!
Lifetime Warrantee Against Manufacturers Defects and Worn Parts