Shear Fanatic®️ Pro Series 14 Tooth 6.0" Texturizing Shears

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The Shear Fanatic™️ Pro Series 14 Tooth 6.0 Thinning Shears, by Shear Fanatic™️ Scissor brand, are top-of-the-line professional hairstyling tools in the Texturizing category. These precision-crafted texturizing shears feature 14 teeth on a 6.0 blade, allowing hairstylists to effortlessly create texture and movement in hair. Designed with exceptional quality and durability in mind, these shears provide smooth and precise cutting experience. With its ergonomic design and comfortable grip, these shears ensure maximum control and reduce fatigue during long styling sessions. Ideal for thinning and creating various texturized looks, these shears are a must-have for every hairstylist looking to elevate their cutting game.
Lifetime Warrantee Against Manufacturers Defects and Worn Parts