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Different Types of Hair Cutting Scissors

Posted by Scott Shear Fanatic on 27th Dec 2020

Scissor TypesUse & Benefits
Short Blade Hair ScissorsPopular for most hairdressing techniques and precision haircutting.
Long Blade Hair ScissorsPopular for most barbering techniques including scissor over comb.
Texturizing Thinning Scissors The most common thinning shears that usually includes 30 to 40 teeth. Thins most hair evenly with a 40% to 50% cutaway.
Wide Tooth Chunking ShearsGreat for thick hair. The chunking shears has between 5 and 10. For thick and curly hair, these have a 15% to 25% cutaway.
Offset Handle Hair Scissors The most popular ergonomic scissors available. They relax your hand, wrist and elbow. Reducing fatigue and RSI while cutting.
Crane Handle Hair Scissors The best ergonomic design for people with hand fatigue or cutting for long periods without resting.
Opposing Handle Hair ScissorsThese are the traditional classic handle designs with no ergonomics.
Swivel and Double Swivel ShearsThese are unique handles that rotate and swivel while cutting hair. Perfect for people with  and other strain injuries.
Titanium Coated Hair Scissors Hairdressing shears types include pink, rose gold, rainbow, black, blue and various other colors and designs.