Shear Excellence Cutting Co



  • Proper grip and posture when cutting with scissors.
  • Techniques for precision cutting, including point cutting and slide cutting.
  • Texturizing techniques for adding texture and movement to the hair.
  • Blending techniques for seamlessly blending different lengths and textures of hair.
  • Dry cutting techniques for cutting hair without using water or styling products.
  • Techniques for cutting men's hair, including classic barbering cuts and modern styles.
  • Techniques for cutting women's hair, including long layers and short, textured cuts.
  • Techniques for blending hair extensions into natural hair for a seamless look.
  • Different types of scissors and their specific uses, including thinning scissors, texturizing scissors, and classic cutting scissors.
  • Maintenance and care of scissors, including sharpening and oiling to ensure optimal performance.


 Classes are a $149 Investment: 

Education and Hands On will Run 2.5 to 3hrs

You will be provided a mannequin, you will need to bring a tripod or mannequin stand

You Should be prepared to bring your scissors-texturizers, hair clips and combs