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Fitting Salon Shears Correctly

  • Properly fitting your shears is critical to optimal comfort and performance
  • If not fitted correctly, they will..
  1. Fatigue your wrist, hand and elbow
  2. Bend and push hair
  3. Give a bad haircut

 This is not correct, shear should not slide over the knuckle on the thumb.


 This is not correct, thumb hole is too small.

This is correct, shear should rest at the cuticle comfortably.

This is not correct, shear should not slide over the second knuckle.

This is not correct, the finger hole is too small, the pinky finger is not resting on the rest correctly.

This is correct, comfortable on the ring finger with a little wiggle room, and the pinky rests comfortable on the finger rest.

  • There  are only minimal sizes in finger inserts, but they can be fitted correctly...