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Craft Series Twister 3 Hole Black Left Single or Double Swivel Authentic Japanese 440C

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Allows for best cutting control and has the most advanced ergonomic design fully rotating swivel thumb - more flexibility means less strain on the hand, available in two hole, three hole, titanium colors, and texturizers.

Instead of forcing your arm into awkward and uncomfortable positions to get the right angles, this swivel shear keeps your wrist straight and your elbow down throughout every haircut.

Swivel thumb, double swivel, bent thumb, and wider spaced handle shears can relieve stress and pain in your hand, elbow, neck, back, or shoulder. Any hair stylist should consider using an ergonomic shear, even if they are not currently experiencing any problems.

The Revolver Series Double Swivel 3 Hole Shear is designed for the stylist that experiences problems with wrist or thumb fatigue. This shear is made with Japanese steel and features convex edges for precision cutting. The double finger holes correctly align the 2 middle fingers to help with any problems related to carpal tunnel. The double swivel thumb ring creates the most natural cutting position for the wrist and elbow.

  • Available in 5.5" and 6.0"
  • Single or Double Swivel Thumb
  • Authentic Japanese 440C Steel
  • Hand Made, 2 Piece Forged Design
  • Fixed Finger Rest
  • Hand Knob Tension System for Easy Cleaning and Adjusting
  • Comes with Scissor Case and Maintenance Kit


If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, return it for a full refund in the first 14 days, after that the product will be warrantied against manufactures defects for the life of the shear. 14 Day money back guarantee, Lifetime limited warranty