Master Series Twister Black Scorpion Double Swivel Thinning Shear 6.0"

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Japanese 440C
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These beautiful black titanium double swivel shears are perfect for the stylist and barber looking for maximum mobility in their thumb and wrist, Ergonomically correct.

Swivel thumb shears can relieve stress and pain in your hand, elbow, neck, back, or shoulder. Any hair stylist or barber should consider using an ergonomic shear. The scissor allows you to keep your elbow and shoulder down and your wrist neutral, which results in a low stress cutting action. Take hair cutting to a whole new level with this awesome selection of Single Swivel Shears, Double Swivel Shears, 3 hole Single Swivel Shears and 3 Hole Double Swivel Shears for the professional stylist and barber. Made from Japanese steel with convex edges to cut effortlessly through the hair. Swivel shears help reduce and alleviate wrist and thumb fatigue. 

Double Swivel Shears allows for 40% more freedom of movement, the ultimate in comfort and control.

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, return it for a full refund in the first 14 days, after that the product will be warrantied against manufactures defects for the life of the shear. 14 Day money back guarantee, Lifetime limited warranty